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Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Favorites!!!

Hey luv bugs,
I recently discovered that I'm in love with some product that I used to hate. Most of these products featured in this post are things that I used to despise, but now we're  besties. One more thing, I'm going to start posting a confession at the end of every post yay!!!

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation
I remember vividly why I hated this foundation. It had glitter specs or something in it. I have extremely oily skin so I try to stay away from anything dewy or shimmery. I threw it in the " i don't like this drawer" and started wearing Revlon Colorstay. Only recently have I pulled it out to try it again and it looked pretty good. I think I was using the wrong type of brush the first time. 
Pink lipstick
1. single swatch
2. double swatch
 I wear this lipstick like literally everyday and It just looks so pretty. It doesn't have a name. It came in a makeup set from walmart. It's very sheer, but buildable. I like to pair this lipstick with my NYX lipliner "dolly pink". great combo

Aveeno daily moisturizer
Iv'e been using this for a month now and It is very good. My cleanser dries my skin, so its good to have a nice moisturizer. This is the only moisturize I have ever tried so if you have any suggestion leave them in the comment section please.

Maybelline Fit me powder 355
I love this as a setting powder. I thought it would be too dark, but it looks good.  I don't need heavy coverage , so this alone is all I need. It just illuminates my face and makes my skin look flawless. I hit pan so you know I use this all the time lol. I also stole this from my mom lol sorry mom. It looked cute on you so I had to take it

Olive Oil's Edge Control
When I first tried it I liked it, but after a few hours it wore off. I threw it in a drawer and never used it until 2 weeks ago. My friend Alicia told me to apply it at night and put a scarf on. It worked. Now I'm in love with this. I came to the conclusion that I sweat on my forehead and the sweat and southern heat melted the edge control causing my hair to curl  back up.

~CONFESSION~ I like to wear leather in the summertime

                                                 xo, CAL

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