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Friday, May 20, 2011

My fav products

 This is my first gel eyeliner and it is amazing. It's very smooth and easy to use. I normally take a very long time trying to do winged eyeliner, but with gel liner it takes me a few seconds. The brush that came with it is good, but I'm going to buy a bent eyeliner brush.

This is my favorite foundation and concealer to use in the summer, because it is so light but has amazing coverage. I dont wear liquid foundation in the summer, because it melts off (is it just me?)
This is my go-to mascara if I want super long voluminous lashes. It has a two step applicator, which is a primer and the mascara. I think lash primers are important for mascaras to work to full potential. There are many companies such as: Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Dior, Estee Lauder, Blinc ect. that make lash primers.
Step 1: eyelash primer
Step 2: mascara


  1. i just saw that you´re following my blog:) thanks for the follow...but just to let you know..i have another blog in english..might be easier for you to understand.
    its pretty much the same like my german blog..
    xoxo val

  2. Oh gosh, gel eyeliner has been the breakthrough of my life!! Since I bought mine i've stopped using everything else.
    Agreed about the liquid foundation thing in Summer too, haha xx


  3. I have been desperate to try gel eyeliner and you may have just convinced me to use it! x

  4. gel eyeliner?? a first...i....must...try...this!!

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