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Monday, October 22, 2012

Trends that I'm on the fence about

Hey luv bugs,
Its fall and you know what that means......new trends. I really like some of these trends on other people, but personally I can't see myself pulling them off. I said that I would try to be more daring with trying new trends so maybe I'll choose one to try.What trends do you love/hate?

                                                        xo, Cal


                                                          Ombre Lip Trend

        I think this trend is amazing if its done right, but in fashion there is no right or wrong choice.
                   I would love to try this with a beautiful red. Overall, I think this trend is a great way to amp
                         up any look


I have a love/hate relationship with this trend. If I saw them in the store I wouldn't
even look at them, but I love them on other people. Some of my favorite blogger
own these shoes and that persuaded me to give them a chance. I think its important
to use a trend and make it your own.

Wedge Sneakers  
Im so not a sneaker girl because I'm short and they are so unflattering on me. Again 
I love these on other people and Queen Bey persuaded me in her "love on top" video. I 
like the way you can dress them up or keep it casually chic.