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Monday, October 22, 2012

Trends that I'm on the fence about

Hey luv bugs,
Its fall and you know what that means......new trends. I really like some of these trends on other people, but personally I can't see myself pulling them off. I said that I would try to be more daring with trying new trends so maybe I'll choose one to try.What trends do you love/hate?

                                                        xo, Cal


                                                          Ombre Lip Trend

        I think this trend is amazing if its done right, but in fashion there is no right or wrong choice.
                   I would love to try this with a beautiful red. Overall, I think this trend is a great way to amp
                         up any look


I have a love/hate relationship with this trend. If I saw them in the store I wouldn't
even look at them, but I love them on other people. Some of my favorite blogger
own these shoes and that persuaded me to give them a chance. I think its important
to use a trend and make it your own.

Wedge Sneakers  
Im so not a sneaker girl because I'm short and they are so unflattering on me. Again 
I love these on other people and Queen Bey persuaded me in her "love on top" video. I 
like the way you can dress them up or keep it casually chic.



  1. He Cal,
    We enjoy so many trends this Fall. Leather, the wedge sneaker, prints, all the oxblood (wine) colored pieces, and fur to name a few. lol Oh we nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out our page for more details.

  2. This posts sums up the common fashion trends all over the world, I'd say.... : ) Absolutely!
    I still need to find a good pair of edge sneakers :)